Fox News + MSN vs. Basic Economics

Posted by David A. Peterson on 20. November 2016 in Economics, Jobs, Opinion |

Sometimes It’s Hard Not to Blurt Out:


I was scrolling through my Fox News app yesterday morning and ran across Fox News Shepard Smith interviewing John Busse associate editor for the Wall Street Journal.

The discussion (can’t really call it an interview) centered around the now infamous Pres-Elect Trump’s Ford Lincoln MKX Tweet.

Both Smith & Busse came to the conclusion that no jobs were being  saved by Ford moving the MKX vehicle assembly to Mexico. Their reasoning was the Ford Escape  will amp up production thus there would be no net loss of jobs.

Media Matters and MSN have jumped in and agreed that Trump lied. I didn’t have  to search hard  to find the video. Media Matters posted it for all to absorb.

Media Matters quoting Smith & Busse goes on to say:

“And you’re right, the number of jobs that that plant employs before this announcement, and after this announcement are unchanged. As you point out, all they were going to do is that they had already announced to the UAW they were going to move production of that Lincoln Crossover SUV to — to Mexico…”

Evidentially MSN didn’t run the story past anyone with 1/2 a brain as well. Here’s MSN’s article explaining the “real story behind the exaggerated tweet…” (Note: MSN must be one of those “fake news sites” it didn’t actually write the article, Jim Tankersley wrote it for The Washington Post )

Unfortunately for these five Dumbass organizations (Fox, MSN, Media Matters, The Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal) I had economics on my mind yesterday. I had just read Bloomberg’s article on Paul Romer. Bloomberg’s piece didn’t have anything to do with Ford in general but the most profound thing I read in the article was according to Romer the current economic thinking is that:

“Assume A, assume B, … blah blah blah … and so we have proven that P is true.”

Now Smith, Besse, Tankersley, the people who work for that fake news site MSN, and The Washington Post all work for real businesses that may not have a single economist on site, but there should be a few business graduates around. They are probably the folks in neck ties. Had any one of them just leaned over the cubicle wall and said:

“Hey Bill the Businessman what do you think? The Lincoln MKX is not going to be made in KY anymore and it’s not going to be moved to Mexico. So there is no net loss of jobs or job gains in the US right?”

Without any other explanation Bill would have said something like this:


I don’t believe these 5 media companies are trying to mislead the public. I don’t believe that they aren’t smart enough to grasp that if you don’t make the car here, it still has to be made somewhere. I don’t believe there is an agenda. I just think that all 5 companies had a brain-fart at the same time which caused me to scream at the TV…

Hey Dumbass who do you think is going to build those extra 30,000 vehicles?


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2 Step Process to Drain the Swamp

Posted by David A. Peterson on 2. November 2016 in Issues |

The revolution started with the Tea Party. Back then we looked at this new group as a way to get our national fiscal house in order. Fortunately or unfortunately (which ever way you lean) the Tea Party fizzled.

I believe the downfall of the Tea Party was not necessarily it’s core belief (fiscal responsibility) but rather when it gained traction in the House and Senate it was smothered by the well established and entrenched Political Elite.

Herein lies the revolution: Who ever wins this election (please god not  HRC) it’s time to focus on removing the Political Elite. Corruption is so widespread within this group that as a group they must be dumped at sea.

How do we know as a group they are corrupt? Easy answer… Take the collective wealth of all freshman members and then compare that to the wealth when they retire. Pretty simple, somehow this group gets elected then miraculously they become wealthy.

I believe the easiest way to stopping a politician from becoming a member of the elite is with term limits. Obviously this isn’t a new idea. By simply limiting the number of years a politician can serve in a particular branch of government will keep them from acquiring the wealth and power that ultimately corrupts their souls.

Donald Trump says it’s time to “Drain the Swamp.” I’m going to get this revolution started by giving him a little help…

The 2 Step Process for Draining the Swamp:

  1. Begin the process in all fifty states for a constitutional amendment to limit terms. (This one is hard and will take a very long time, still it needs to be done.)
  2. Once elected DjT (or god forbid HRC) needs to sign an executive order that cancels ALL government retirement programs for ALL federally elected officials. (This one is simple and fast!)

Although I was not the first to bring up term limits (that would be Hamilton, Madison) I am the first to find a simple way to begin the revolution of taking our government back! No shots need to be fired, just take away their pensions and watch how fast the rats get off the ship!

PS: Sorry I haven’t written in a while – I’ve been busy.




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