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What Is USA Reference?

USA Reference (USAReference.com) is a middle to right leaning conservative opinion site. There are no reporters associated with the site, thus there is NO news being generated on this website.

Grammar Warning About USAReference.com

No real editor on board! Expect misspelled words, misused synonyms, and every other form of bad grammar you can think of. The editor is also a horrible proof reader.

About the Domain USAReference.com

Not to burst any bubbles, but the domain USAReference.com was not chosen for any political purpose. I would like to tell you that I thought long and hard about what to name my new blog, but it was just a domain that I had lying around and that I have owned for years. USAReference.com is a derivative of another domain USReference.com that I use as my personal internet portal.  I just like the sound of them so I bought them.

About the So-Called Editor

I’m David Peterson; I live in the northeast suburbs of Atlanta, in Gwinnett County. As of 2016 our county has politically turned purple; it is well on it’s way to being blue. That’s okay with us we like it here. My family, just like most of the other Atlanta families are transplants. We’ve been in Georgia and Gwinnett County for over 19 years.

I’ve served in the Navy, owned a small business, worked in corporate America, and now at the end of my working career I have embarked on another small business venture.

I’m a social conservative, whom I define as fiscally conservative, but socially I do see some role for government beyond just defense. The fiscal side of me says cut all budgets (including defense) due to the fact there is always some fat in all budgets.

I believe that above all the Federal budget should be balanced however it is society’s role, within the constitution, and through our representative government to create and fund programs that  move society forward. Those programs, however grand and however great the need, must be paid for!

To be more specific I believe the federal government is way, way, way, too big but has a role to play.

I can understand why the far right believes the government is too big and I can understand why the far left believes that the poor need help. It’s all the people in the middle that refuse to work together to solve problems that I can’t understand.

Call me a RINO but if we elected our representatives to our Federal government then most of us expect to see some form of governance.

This means compromise, give and take, fund needed programs, get rid of unneeded or duplicate programs, balance the budget, etc.

Finally, you can blame government for a lot of things but you have to admit the USA is still great country compared to a lot of places. We just need to keep it that way.


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