Chris Christie vs. Catholics?

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Christie vs. Newark Parrish

All the main Republican candidates will be on the stage next week for the 1st debate. One of my favorites is Chris Christie. I like his no-nonsense style and the way he has managed to govern in a very blue state. It seems like he, along with others in the race might actually be able to manage the mess we are in.

As I said I like Christie but that doesn’t mean I agree with everything he does and at this point I’m interested but my vote is still leaning in another direction. Over the course of a campaign there will be lots of ideas I don’t agree with but some, some don’t pass the smell test…

(It’s About Jobs Stupid)

In the July 25th issue of The Economist they reported that the Governor of New Jersey signed a law that bans “….religious cemeteries (from) operating funeral homes or selling memorials or mausoleums.”

It appears the Newark Catholic Parish decided to skip the middle man and set up a one stop shop for grieving families. The Monument Builders Association (who knew such things existed) sued claiming this will put them out of business.

The association lost the battle in court so they went to the NJ State Legislature and got it done; then they had Gov. Christie sign the bill into law.

There are couple problems with the Associations loss of business claim due to the Church’s tax exempt status:

1) Catholic funerals are held in the church not in funeral homes. The deceased will still need a casket, and a place for the wake. Somebody will be employed to handle these items. It may not be an association member but it will be somebody.

2) As long as the Church’s cemeteries and its new endeavors remain as non-profits then how can this be different than a Catholic hospital or a Catholic school?

3) Do you really think there are any parish members or any Church as a whole that could build their own monuments or mausoleums? I’m pretty sure they don’t make their own caskets.

4) Speaking of #3 maybe the Monument Builders Association ought to try selling their monuments and mausoleums to the parish. Funeral Homes (which don’t preside over Catholic masses) do have the contacts for large selections of caskets should probably think about moving from a retailer to a wholesaler for this type of customer.

Here’s my quick note to the Monument Builders Association, Trade Unions, Cab Drivers, anyone in a group and anyone in government.

We are all going to see in our lifetimes a major disruption of labor. It’s the UBER generation today, but alas that will be short-lived and UBER will be replaced by driverless cars. Robots will be dressing senior citizen, drones will replace FEDEX and UPS drivers. You’ll order your McDonalds on a kiosk. Labor as we know it today is going to change drastically…. and we are not even talking about AI here, once Artificial Intelligence kicks in I’m not sure what any of us will be doing for a living.

The point I’m trying to make is I’m just not sure Chris Christie is forward thinking enough to create the jobs in the 21st century. He’s out there crushing a group that is just trying to be more efficient than the current model. Or worse… think he sold out to the Monument Builders Association?

I sure hope he has other ideas because his business acumen appears to be lacking.





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