History Repeating Itself – Will we never learn?

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Barack Obama and Neville Chamberlin


Will we never learn…


Here are two world events that look eerily alike. Are we are repeating history?

1) In 1938 Neville Chamberlain appeased the Germans with the Munich Agreement. Instead of appeasing the Germans and giving the British the opportunity to avoid war just the opposite happened. In 1939 Germany invades Poland and the British are dragged into a war they thought they could avoid. That appeasement defined Chamberlain and help lead to millions being killed.

2) In 2015 Barack Obama agrees to allow Iran to pursue a nuclear bomb, continue to finance terrorism (with greater resources available), and allow them to begin modernizing their army by lifting the conventional arms embargo.

Here is why Obama could be known as the Chamberlain of his era…

The Iraqi war wasn’t about Suddam Hussein or oil, it was about his weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and his willingness to use them. Why did we think he had WMDs? Because through a UN agreement just like the one being signed with the Iranians today he had the opportunity and the means to create these very weapons.

As it turns out Iraq did not have the volume of weapons the West thought he did. However, the West thought the weapons existed. Suddam stalled the inspectors, hid certain sites, purchased particular supplies and in the end HE created the impetus for going to war. He looked like he was pursuing the weapons and he simply would not let us verify otherwise.

This is exactly what will happen with Iran. They are going to stall, hide, move and generally be bastards to work with. They will hamper the verification of WMDs. They are going to leave doubt as to their intentions. They are going to misdirect the inspectors which will leave the world’s “intelligence” community grabbing any tidbit of info they can find. Sound familiar?

The President has asked respectively, (I’m paraphrasing here) “If not this deal than what? What is the solution if you don’t like this deal?”

Here’s the simple answer:

With the Middle East as fractured as 1938 Europe the only choice in order to save millions of lives is to continue and strengthen world wide sanctions until such time as a new Iranian government favorable to the West is installed by the people of Iran.

There you go Mr. President, I just save YOU from your Chamberlain moment, and may have saved a few million lives as well.

History doesn’t have to repeat itself, we can learn. Continue and strengthen the sanctions. Please don’t leave it up to the intelligence community. Please don’t give the Iranians money or weapons to attack their neighbors. You know what will happen if you do. If you don’t… shame on you Mr. Chamberlain.

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  • Jim says:

    Good take on the mess the BHO admin has created.

    Agree with this from your post –

    ‘With Middle East as fractured as 1938 Europe the only choice in order to save millions of lives is to continue and strengthen world wide sanctions until such time as a new Iranian government favorable to the West is installed by the people of Iran.’

    Only problem is our progressive weaklings in congress has already given up any ability to have a say. This is a done deal thanks to the Corker bill a couple months back. Now BHO only needs 1/3 of congress to vote for the Iran agreement for it to be veto proof. Even if a miracle happens and they can’t get the 1/3, the other nations involved have already agreed to it via the UN. Thanks to our congress, we now let the UN dictate our treaties.

    The other nations that passed this bill are already freed from the sanctions and only to happy to begin doing business with Iran.

    Our Chamber of Commerce will scream that the US needs the business too and will somehow get the sanctions dropped no matter if the congress passes the treaty or not.

    Folks in Israel need to start thinking where they will want to live in 10 years as they don’t have many friends left. Most immigrants will continue to be welcomed here, but sadly the Jews will not be at the top of the US Gov list.

    Oh we have fallen so far under BHO and he has 17 more months of damage to go and no opposition from Congress, the DOJ or the courts.


    • In 17 months the next President should ratchet up the sanctions, WITH the help of Congress. I’m thinking Naval blockade with a no fly zone should do the trick. The Naval blockade is an act of war itself, yet the beauty is no-one dies (except those trying to break the blockade).

  • Rich Fondo says:

    Bravo! Well put.Additionally, Obama said negotiating the the return of our 4 American hostages would have meant further US concessions. Why were we conceding anything in the first place? We held all the cards and this ….community organizer negotiated from weakness. The next day, John Kerry is shocked because Iran is saying,” we will trample the U.S.” Idiots.

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