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Posted by David A. Peterson on 8. September 2014 in Economics, Issues |

ISIS War TaxOn Wednesday 9/9/14 the President is going to announce to the country his strategy for destroying our new enemy.

First I must say that I have a fundamental problem with going to war with an enemy when we don’t even know their official name. Come on now, who are these guys IS, ISIS, ISIL? Please pick a name or make one up.

Instead of IS, ISIS, ISIL how ’bout Sunni Islamic Terrorist Army. Since the government loves acronym they’ll be SITA or “Sick Bastards” for short.

Please Mr. President I’m begging you, at least know the name our new enemy before going to war.

Once the enemy is defined it does looks like a no-brainer for declaring war and employing the Bush Doctrine to take the fight to them. Since this group of sick bastards have beheaded Americans, and since they have the ability to easily travel to the West, and since they will continue to attack US citizens they must be stopped.

However, there is one small problem… our government doesn’t have any money to fight this new war.

My solution – the ISIS War Tax.

I’m guessing but I believe there is a sizable portion of Americans that would like ISIS to be stopped before they can wage war inside the US. Since it appears that the country is united behind defeating this enemy, it should be willing to pay for the war.

I’m asking for a temporary War Tax to specifically combat ISIS. Here’s the proposal:

  1. A flat payroll tax – to allow all working Americans to participate in the war effort
  2. A flat corporate tax – to allow all American businesses to participate in the war effort
  3. A progressive capital gains tax – to allow those with more to put their money where their mouths are
  4. An import tax placed on all goods being received from middle east – to allow countries like Saudi Arabia to get off their ass and get involved

Yes all of the above taxes are bad for the economy, but war in general is bad for the country. What’s worse, taxes to support a war, men and women dying in battle, or watching your male neighbor getting his head chopped off while his wife and daughter get sold into slavery. They’re all pretty darn bad.

You want to throw a little terror back at the Sunni Islamic Terrorist Army? Let them know that the American public and the surrounding Middle Eastern countries will literally (as in not figuratively) PAY ANYTHING to defeat them.

For those of you that say “It will  be easier on the economy if we borrow the money” you’re probably right however, IS, ISIS, ISIL, SITA, or the next Sick Bastards are figuratively right behind the next sand dune. The US can fight this battle on borrowed money, we can fight the next battle on borrowed money, but our debt is already way, way out of control. Soon our ability to borrow money at affordable rates will slow.

Once the IS, ISIS, ISIL, SITA or the next Sick Bastard realizes that we don’t have the resources to fight the next battle we’ll be in big trouble. Let’s not let it come to that foregone conclusion.

Implement a War Tax to battle ISIS. Let this and the next Sunni Islamic Terrorist Army know that it’s not just our sons, daughters, soldiers, and sailors going to war its the entire country going to war.


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