Government Tort Reform

Posted by David A. Peterson on 2. September 2014 in Economics, Issues |

Government Tort Reform

Question: What do Congress, the City of Snellville Georgia, and the City of Fairbanks Alaska all have in common?

Answer: The taxpayers are paying for self imposed government against government lawsuits. When I say paying, what I really mean is PAYING OUT THE WAZOO!

Forget Medical Tort Reform – It’s time for Government Tort Reform

Is it any wonder that cities, states, and the federal government struggle to balance their individual budgets. Wars may be unavoidable, federal and state highways need to be paved, local sewer lines will definitely need maintenance but… how do you budget for a lack of leadership?

Let’s run through a couple of numbers:

1) Since President Obama can’t come clean on the IRS it is estimated that $18 Million of our tax dollars have been spent so far. (Source)

2) Since Speaker Boehner can’t seem to lead the Congress or come to any consensus with the President he’s decided to sue the President for the actions he’s taking unilaterally. Cost $500/HOUR! (Source)

3) Right here in Gwinnett County Georgia the current Mayor of Snellville, GA is trying to force to the city to pay her $220K legal fees she racked up suing the council! (Source)

4) My favorite so far this year; it was just reported that an AK Mayor has spent $7k of city money defending his $37.50 fine. Now there’s a leader! (Source)

This is real money – let me put it in perspective:

How many teachers could have received a raise if the mayor in Fairbanks had acted properly? Could the police in Snellville used the $220k? On the federal level do we really have any money available to sue each other – please have you looked at our debt lately?

Forget Medical Tort Reform – It’s time for Government Tort Reform!

Here’s my simple solution: Since all of these suits are political the losing political party, not the represented taxpayer should pay all the court fees and the defendant’s fees.

Example: If it is proven the IRS (which is currently in the Democratically held Executive Branch) is found guilty in the current scandal then the Democratic Party must flip the entire bill. If Speaker Boehner loses his lawsuit, or drops his lawsuit once the President leaves office then the Republican Party picks up the entire bill.

I’m not saying don’t sue, if your party feels strongly toward an issue then please exercise your rights.  I’m just saying this is real taxpayer money, and you shouldn’t be using taxpayer money for political purposes. Please pass Government Tort Reform NOW!


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