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Posted by David A. Peterson on 24. January 2014 in Issues |

I started this blog post on 12/11/13 when Senate Budget Committee Chairwoman Patty Murray, D-Wash., and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis reached an agreement on a 2 year budget deal.

As you may know I’m a small business owner and I get tied up, but the break from when I wrote the first 300 words to today has been good for this post.

My original intention of the article is the same today as it was a month ago, which is: it’s tough to govern in a 24 hour news cycle. It looks tough; the cameras are rolling for every minute detail of every story. Certainly the politician’s need to stay in front of the camera fuels the cycle.

It’s my belief that current crop of politicians can’t quite cope with the endless cycle of the news. They themselves cannot tune it out. Their need to stay in front of camera, to constantly make a point is killing the act of governance.

Here’s the basis of that thought, as I mentioned Senate Budget Committee Chairwoman Patty Murray and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan reached an agreement on a 2 year budget deal back in December. The plan wasn’t even digested (i.e. read) before the critics started firing away at it.

Here’s how Fox News reported on the agreement:

“….cancels earlier spending reductions.”

“…trading increased spending now for promises…”

“…warned prior to Tuesday’s announcement…”

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/12/11/conservative-groups-sound-alarm-over-tentative-budget-deal/

I’m a Fox fan, I watch it every night but… “Yada yada yada”

At no point did Fox or any of the news outlet portray this budget deal as a win. Really, at the end of the day, this plan is expected to save an additional $23 Billion. I think it is important to point out that $23 Billion is actually $23,000,000,000!

Now is $23 Billion enough? Absolutely not, but we live in a republic. This form of government requires representatives to strike deals. It’s not enough but at least it is heading in the right direction.

But the news cycle on this topic had begun. To see a fiscal conservative like Ryan, who I would certainly call to the right of me, bashed before the prospective bill was even read shows how deep-seated (if you wish to insert “Pig Headed” for Deep-Seated feel free) some conservatives are in their thinking.

One True Conservative after another found the camera to kill the budget bill.

This is the true difference of being a RINO (me) and a so called “True Conservative,” RINOs need a government that functions even when times are bad. RINOs try to conserve all resources, this includes people, nature, and habitats and also includes business, money, and time. While conserving all forms of resources RINOs realize we still need a government.

I may be wrong but to me True Conservatives simply want what they think is best at that moment in time. Or… maybe it’s the 24 hour news cycle finding just the right True Conservative to start firing away at ANY deal.

There must be large databases filled with the right True Conservative with right obscure idea who can be on hand when the moment arrives. This database probably rivals anything at the NSA.

Getting back to Fox and the budget deal – As a RINO I can agree with True Conservatives that the deficit and spending in general are way, way, way out of whack. But I fail to see where saving $23 Billion (again that is 23 followed by 9 zeros) “…cancels earlier spending reductions…”

It may cancel earlier spending reductions but hey dumbass you just saved an additional $23,000,000,000! Can’t you be happy for 10 minutes? You just saved an additional $23 BILLION!

The 24 hour news cycle is making it hard for people to govern, any deal is subject to immediate scrutiny from the one obscure True Conservative who has a thought on the topic.

Here’s a thought, maybe sit back and think about it for a minute.

While sitting back and thinking about it how ‘bout pointing out that in addition to the money saved your government just governed!

RINOs and True Conservatives both know that until we have a Republican in the White House, and a majority in the House and Senate that baby steps is about all we can take. This deal was a baby step, luckily cooler heads than those on Fox in those 1st few hours prevailed.

Talking about needing to fill dead air time during a 24 hour news cycle…

Not busting Fox’s chops but does the entire country care if that Wendy lady down in Texas lived in a trailer for a day or a month? Do we care if she was married a few times?

I saw Megyn Kelly interview Wendy’s Republican challenger last night. Character was the only issue she focused on… Are there no problems to be solved in Texas? Here’s a right leaning news anchor giving a Republican candidate the biggest forum of his life and all I took from it is he’s disabled.

Good Luck Texas – between the Wendy person and the Republican challenger the 24 hours news cycle has jumped the gun and framed the narrative for you. Evidentially you don’t have any problems so just choose between the divorced woman or the disabled man. Hurry up and do it so the rest of the country doesn’t have to pay attention.

I like watching the news, but sometimes I wonder what’s going through the anchor’s mind or if they even hear themselves? At the end of the day the need to fill the air with stuff, the need for “news” is making it awfully hard to govern.


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