A Quick Fix for ObamaCare – The KISS Plan

Posted by David A. Peterson on 13. November 2013 in Issues |

A quick fix for ObamaCareThe new mantra should be “You can keep your ObamaCare if you want to…”

I must admit I was sleeping through the last year. I assumed when the President said multiple times that “You can keep your plan…” was true. I had no idea that the objective of ObamaCare was to kick you out of your plan so you had to sign up on his and the Democrat’s exchange.

The financing of the ObamaCare has now become crystal clear. I mean really… It’s easy to get the program financed when you kick all people out of their “substandard” plans and force them to get “better” plans. Plans with services that will not be needed. That’s the basic objective of any insurance – the insurance company is betting you will not need them for that service but you still have to pay for it.

We all get it, most of us have home insurance, auto insurance, and until a few days ago health insurance. Hell, I didn’t even know I had VA health benefits until this all started and I got a letter in the mail stating that I was covered.

What a mess, ObamaCare hasn’t even hit rock bottom, wait till next year and the employer mandates kick in. We haven’t seen anything yet.

And don’t get me started on the media, OMG! CNBC has just quoted Larry Summers as saying “Healthcare reform has cut costs as a percentage of GDP, he said—adding that the benefits of ObamaCare are already beyond what anyone thought possible.” (Ref: http://www.cnbc.com/id/101194172) Is anyone challenging this ridiculous statement? Doesn’t Larry Summers see the premiums rising for most Americans and the out of pocket expenses skyrocketing?

Maybe what Larry was trying to say is “…GDP will drop due to the fact that Americans must use their savings to cover the higher out of pocket expenses…”

Look, this is a mess and I wrote a few weeks ago about a Plan B to cover and pay for the folks that are enrolling in ObamaCare (i.e. Medicare). They will need to be covered now that the plan is being implemented.

I want to solve the current mess for those losing their plans. There is a simple solution for The President, Democrats, Republican, and Middle Class Americans.

Here it is…

Add a check box on the ObamaCare website that allows you to exempt yourself from the “better” plans.

I look at it like this: I have a 14 year old F-150, my son drives it now, I dropped the collision coverage on the vehicle. I’ve exempted out of the “better” coverage. If you have to ask why then ObamaCare is for you.

A simple checkbox that requires you to personally acknowledge that you know your plan is “substandard.” Once you check the box you are exempt from the new requirements until you personally recheck the box (at anytime in the future) to enroll.

This is stupid simple. A definite KISS plan (Keep It Simple Stupid) where everyone wins.

Democrats Win:

Politician have been granting exemptions for years. Here’s an easy way to keep our current system running AND expand Medicare which was the Democrats plan all along.

The President Wins:

ObamaCare lives on.

Rebublicans Win:

The 2014 race will be all about how to pay for this mess and the expansion of Medicare. Instead of going to jail (really can you screw up this badly and not go to jail?) every Democrat who voted for this POS (Piece of Shit) will have to face the voters.

And best of all… Middle Class American Families Win:

The KISS plan takes care of the MILLIONS that have been let down by the Presidents promise. They will simply opt out and keep their current plan.

The Presidents new promise… “You can keep your ObamaCare if you want to; otherwise simple opt out!”

Everyone wins this round – Don’t get me started on how to pay for it, one problem at a time.


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