Secretary Sebelius to Testify

Posted by David A. Peterson on 22. October 2013 in Issues |

Sebelius to testifyIt’s official Kathleen Sebelius the HHS Secretary will testify in front of Congress fairly soon.

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered concerning the roll out of the Affordable Care Act (i.e. Obama Care). At the moment it looks to be a complete failure and pretty darn embarrassing for the administration and the country.

Secretary Sebelius is about to be grilled and eventually she will be fired or retired. Personally I don’t want to see a public tongue lashing about how bad the roll out has been. Everyone except President Obama realizes how bad this has been botched. Republicans, Democrats, and John & Jane Q. Public can scream and yell as loud as they want, the administration has shut the doors and turned up the radio – they don’t hear anyone but themselves.

By this point I think Republicans should take the “high road” and get a handle on exactly what we have purchased with our tax dollars.

Why take the high road?

Why, because Republican’s need a win. They need to show the country that they can govern. This is a perfect opportunity to explore solutions to one of the country’s problems.

Save a program you don’t even like – now that’s taking the high road!

This would be an easy win. It’s a simple problem… take 2 Georgia Tech student programmers, give them a couple pizzas, 1 whiteboard, and a budget of about $1,000 and this botched roll out will be rolling in about 3 weeks.

There has been enough bashing, now it’s time to show the country Republicans can lead, they can solve a problem. With a very civil conversation during the upcoming hearings here are the questions that I believe should be asked.

  1. How many people have completed enrollment?
  2. How many people have purchased a plan?
  3. How much has this portion (website design, infrastructure, database,) cost us to date?
    1. NOTE: Questions 1, 2, & 3 get us to a cost of acquisition
  4. Can the website be fixed?
  5. What is the time frame for fixing the problems plaguing the system?
  6. Where specifically are the problems occurring?
  7. Who specifically will be heading up the redesign of the system?
  8. What is the process for choosing the “best and brightest” and when did you or will you start hiring them for the redesign?
    1. NOTE: Questions 4,5,6,7,& 8 will tell us if she has actually thought about the problem and that her team has started formulating a real plan.
  9. Where in the HHS budget will the money come from to fix the problems?
  10. Has HHS stopped all advertising, or at least put all advertising contracts on hold until the problems are resolved?
    1. NOTE on questions 9, & 10: This is going to cost money and since the government is involved it will probably cost a lot of money. Maybe take the ad dollars to fund the redesign?

I think most people on the Right feel that the Affordable Care Act will collapse on it’s own weight. The sign up problems will not kill the program and they will eventually go away.

What is going to kill the program are the number of people who really need insurance will get it and the healthy folks will not.

We need to start looking at Plan B – How does the nation fund (subsidize) insurance for people that desperately need it?

Cost of health care, exploding premiums, tort reform, those problems have to wait for the moment. We are about to have hundreds of thousands of very sick people enrolled in a program that will not exist in a few years – Republicans need to lead, take the high road, and solve this new budget problem right now.

My advice, don’t bash Secretary Sebelius, Republican’s don’t need her leaving the hearing feeling victimized. Take the high road, take the lead on solving a very solvable problem. Couple pizzas, a whiteboard, … No Problem. Somebody just needs to show some leadership. Might as well be the Republicans riding to the rescue.


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