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Posted by David A. Peterson on 16. October 2013 in Economics |

I heard an amazing number the other day, when the debt limit is raised in a few days our country’s debt will increase by one million dollars a minute. That’s a lot of money. With the debt currently standing at almost $17 Trillion the debate on raising that limit is heating up – an rightly so. Americans are screaming at their Representatives to get the debt under control.

The Congress has a historically low approval rating. The reason is simple, we elect these Representatives and Senators to get something done. When nothing significant gets done approval ratings drop, and they are dropping fast!

Clearly there is a lack of leadership, but is this just a lack of leadership or is something else happening?

Here’s my 2 cents worth:

I don’t think we have a lack of leadership, I think what we are witnessing is a change in leadership.

All of the pundits are putting the “blame” for our government shutdown on the Tea Party. Some Democrats have gone a step further by calling these Representatives in the House Anarchists, Wife Beaters, Confederate Sympathizers, etc. The formal name they conveniently forget to use in front of Anarchist, Wife Beater, and Confederate Sympathizer is REPRESENTATIVE.

“Dear Representative Confederate Sympathizer; Yes I realize that Northern California and Southern Oregon are trying desperately to secede from their crazy respective elected officials; oh, and yes I have read the Upstate NY Secede Facebook page…”

There is a fundamental shift happening in America right before our eyes, we the people are electing Representatives into our nations highest offices to represent our conservative views. One of the core values that this group holds is to practice fiscal responsibility and high on our to do list is getting the deficit under control.

So the Tea Party is holding out – what did you expect? That’s what their constituents want them to do. They are representing their constituents.

Look at last year’s Tea Party win; last year the Sequester work so well that the President is touting the speed of the deficit reduction! On top of that you also have the entire world talking about the American debt problem – if you were a Tea Party House member why would you budge – you’re probably proudly taking the blame.

Why should the Tea Party budge? The President will not negotiate, Harry Reid will not negotiate, and poor Speaker Boehner is trying to corral the cats on his side of the aisle. Here’s my advice for the Speaker, put the Senate’s version of the bill up for a vote. When it passes the country wins, the government opens, the $1M/minute deficit continues to rise and the Tea Party gains more seats in 13 months.

Here’s my advice for the Tea Party, look… you are not going to get 535 leaderless people to vote in your favor. My advice have another budget conference, put in another round of “or else” Sequester cuts, which will be above and beyond next’s year’s Sequester cuts and call it a day. Focus your 2014 campaign on your Anarchists Party’s triumphant deficit reduction plans which even the President points out have definitely worked.

During the 2014 campaign run ads of the President telling the world how fast our deficits are shrinking. Run ads on then Senator Obama voting not to raise the debt ceiling. Run ads that show the nation that conservative fiscal values will get the job done.

Also maybe you should ask the President for a Thank You for the debt reductions! After all it’s your neck stuck out there demanding these reductions.

You know, I can’t count to $1,000,000,000,000 much less $17,000,000,000,000. $1M a minute is a number I can at least envision. I don’t know about you but I need my REPRESENTATIVE to focus on the debt. I need the debt to be a number I can understand and my calculator can actually handle.

Am I right? Can you see the shift in America happening? Is it possible that in your district you will have a Tea Party member REPRESENTING you next year?




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