2,000 years of war

Posted by David A. Peterson on 16. September 2013 in Issues |

Syria - 2000 years of warThe title should read At least 2,000 years of war. Syria’s civil war is an extension of the ongoing broader war in the Middle East. This area of the world has been fighting for a very, very long time.

In the West we tend to look at these ongoing conflicts as extremist vs. moderates, or terrorist vs. the government. Current history has taught Americans that it is very hard to define who’s who in the zoo. Friend, foe, Sunni, Shiite, Christian, Jew, Persians, Arabs, Al-Qaeda or Al Jazeera it all starts to run together as the different sides change sides for the issue of the moment.

The only thing Americans know at the moment is it is a real mess and getting worse by the moment. Doesn’t it feel like we are in a Godfather movie???

“Every time we try to get out, they pull us back in”

The debate over the past few weeks has centered on bombing the Syrian Regime to destroy their ability to distribute chemical weapons. We have reports that say the Syrian Government gassed their own people. Regardless of who dropped the gas the outcome was inhumane and cannot be tolerated.

But should we bomb our way into this civil war?

I don’t think the question is will it be tolerated – that answer is a definite NO. But bombing the Syrian Government will not destroy the ability to distribute chemical weapons. Worse – the Syrian Government may use more of the weapons to stay in power. Use them or lose them… we already know they will use them if they feel the need.

The Syrian Government and the individuals involved will pay for their actions within the international community’s war crimes tribunals. This action of using chemical weapons will not be tolerated, justice will prevail. It’s just not going to happen today.

Unfortunately for the Syrian opposition we have been deeply involved in other conflicts in the region with nothing to show for it but more conflicts. On top of that in Syria we don’t have any idea on who to support. If we take the Assad Regime down who then will control the weapons – Al Qaeda?

At this point we have to let the civil war work itself out. If Assad is to go then it should be the Syrians that make that happen not Americans. If the war was to escalate and bring in our national interest into the conflict such as an incursion into Israel, the closure of the Straights of Hormuz, or the disruption traffic on the Suez Canal I would be singing a different tune.

At this point with no clear national interest, and no clear group to support, I’m happy our Administration is working towards a diplomatic option. Will the use of gas be tolerated by any group – No! It’s just going to be a minute until the war criminals can be brought to justice. After 2,000 years of war we can wait another minute.

What if they use the weapons again?

If either side uses the weapons again then Russia needs to put troops on the ground to try to stabilize the situation and gain control of the weapons. This does affect their national interest. Not ours.


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