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Posted by David A. Peterson on 14. August 2013 in Economics, Immigration |

immigrant climbing fenceI’ve been listening but not participating in the immigration debate since 2007. George W lost what he thought would be a slam dunk and Barack Obama is heading in the same direction. It’s time to add my 2 cents to the debate.

Issue 1 – Problem:

Most of the public issue with the debate centers on the path to citizenship. I wonder if anyone asked those that are crossing the fence if they really care about citizenship or do they just want a job that will lead to a better life?

If you risk your life to cross a fence then any life will be better than the one you had. Citizenship is probably not on the illegal immigrant’s mind at that point in time. Getting over the fence at all costs is what is probably on their minds. I bet this is a non-issue to the illegal immigrants. Maybe we can spend 5 years and millions of dollars polling them? (Just kidding please don’t – sorry I mentioned it.)

Issue 1 – Answer:

Step 1 in this debate is to strike the path to citizenship. The illegal immigrant wants a job and a decent life. It’s the Democrats in Congress that want to make them citizens. Just get rid of it. To appease the Democrats and the Republicans, place a date in the new immigration bill that brings up the path to citizenship and securing the border at the same time. Something like the sequester – my objective here is to just keep moving.

Issue 2 – Problem:

Someone is going to pick the pick the fruits and vegetables in the US. The farmers can’t let them die on the vine and consumers (that’s you and me for people who can’t interpret who consumers actually are) don’t want price inflation due to the lack of workers. One day a machine will be doing these jobs but for the next 20 years or so humans will have to get it done.

Eventually, those fruit pickers get tired of picking fruit and move onto other businesses. As Americans we encourage that. They move up through the social economic ranks and their children become totally integrated into our society. But today, we need these workers. I think our recent recession pointed this out loud and clear… American workers will not pick fruit.

Issue 2 – Answer:

Get over the issue and solve the problem: Give every illegal immigrant in the fields a green card. If the illegal immigrant has a criminal record (other than crossing the border) send them home. As a supply side type of person, I’m in the belief that illegal immigration will be replaced with an orderly legal immigration. The number of illegal and legal immigration will stabilize as the labor costs in the fields drop. Again, I believe our recent recession pointed this out – The illegal immigrants stayed home.

Once the grace period for registering green cards ends (I don’t care what the grace period is, Congress needs to do something, they can hopefully, with Gods help, figure out the implementation) all farms, factories, and other places of employment found with an illegal immigrant are immediately shut down. Owners, Board Members, and CEOs are immediately sent to jail for a 90 day misdemeanor – No appeals process (They know they cheated to get the cheap labor – let them pick up trash on the highway for 90 days). Operations begin again when the owner returns to the job.

Issue 3 – Problem:

Illegal and legal immigrants cost US taxpayers a whole lot of money. Right now that is paid for by you and me, which kind of sucks. Congress has its head in the sand. Their butts are sticking up and those butts are actually making the decisions. It must be this way since no brain would conscientiously create this current problem. In other words… No one could be this stupid – Congress has to pay for programs it implements.

Issue 3 – Answer:

We need to pay for the services and here’s how to do it: Tax the imports of the countries causing the problem. Example (just an example I don’t care how you get it done) If it cost $1,000/year for 1 immigrant and 80% are Mexican, 10% Guatemalan, 9% Honduran, 1% etc (again whatever the numbers I don’t care) then $800 of the bill is assigned to Mexico, $100 to Guatemala, etc. It’s been a couple hundred of years now these countries need a little help reforming their own economies. This would be a strong incentive to keep their people at home.

Note to all liberal and conservative lawmakers. Your heads are used for thinking and your butts are used for pooping, not the other way around. It would be nice to see you both get a win. Try working on solving (salvaging) what you can.

Just my 2 cents worth.

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