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Posted by David A. Peterson on 8. April 2009 in Economics |

Last November I had one topic stuck on my mind – ENERGY.

Fast forward just a few months into the Obama Administration and he has placed sustainable energy as one of his pillars to our long term economic recovery. This pillar of creating a multitude of thriving renewable energy platforms is exciting and it could be a driver for the next 25 years of job growth in this country.

There is going to be a lot of debate over the next few months and years on the energy policy. As an example the “cap and trade” policy of taxing the carbon producers to force lower carbon emissions is a very unpopular debate happening right now. Cap and trade is really a hidden tax, it’s not called a tax but if you are reading this article then you can probably read between the lines.

The U.S. economy really can’t take another hidden tax placed squarely on the dinner plates of American families .

It’s this hidden tax that I am really concerned about. In the Summer of 2008 gas prices hit $4/gallon. That increase in gasoline prices amounted to an immediate $2/gallon. That $2 acted exactly like a tax. In fact many states even waived their own taxes on gasoline becuase prices got out of hand.

If you think that it was just a coincidence that the recession started in the summer of 2008 when the hidden “gas tax” was $2/gallon – think again!

As Republicans we need to get behind the President in creating a sustainable energy policy. We need to help him shape the energy policy. We need to be standing by his side, shaking his hand, and thanking him for being progressive and diligent in putting forth something this important.

Here is why we need to help the President right now…

Without Republican help the policy will be skewed to creating long term renewable energies. This is terrific and it will create millions of new high paying jobs over the long term. However, in the short term, say within the next 10 to 15 years we still need to “drill baby, drill.”

Republican need to shape the energy policy be defining near term vs. long term goals. The President is on the right track long term but no one is speaking about our short term needs.

As Americans we can’t hold China and India back. These underdeveloped countries are going to grow and grow fast. These countries will need a tremendous amount of oil to pull 100’s of millions of their own countrymen out of poverty. This growth, that is going to happen, will put a new strain on the world’s oil supply.

Regardless if America and Europe’s economies ever recover China and India will create the world’s next energy crisis.

Republicans need to get in front of the near term energy discussion. We need to get our own committees together and bring very thought out public suggestions to the President. We need to bring bipartisanship to this discussion.

The President will listen. He may not listen today, but today gasoline is at $2/gallon. Let it go to $3, $4, and then to $5/gallon and see how quickly he changes his tune. Unfortunately Republicans are not ready to offer suggestions if the problem hit as early as this summer. Republicans would be ready for sound bites but not well thought out solutions.

Republicans have forgotten about the energy crisis that just HAPPENED! If you don’t believe me can anyone please tell me who in the Republican party is leading the near term energy discussion right now? I’m not talking about sign bites that occur when it’s topical, I’m talking about who in our party is leading the energy discussion, day in – day out?

If there was ever a time for Sara Palin and Bobby Jindal to step up now is the time. Also just as Jimmy Carter worked on foreign policy over the last 30 years it wouldn’t hurt if George Bush #43 weighed in on this very current issue and made it his own.

We need to “drill baby, drill” right now. Near term energy policy has to be part of Obama’s long term strategy. Let’s give him the bipartisan support he needs. Let’s shape the short term policy by STARTING NOW before we completely forget about the summer of 2008. Let’s stop the hidden taxes before they occur!

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