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Posted by David A. Peterson on 6. April 2009 in Message |

I am so tired of hearing that the tax cuts like those of the last eight years have caused our current economic meltdown. I have heard this over and over again for months. It is clearly a talking point for the Democratic Party.

Does anyone really believe that? Does anyone really believe that tax cuts caused the current recession?

Where is the Republican reply? Why don’t Republicans counter this revisionist message?

It just kills me that Republicans let the Democrats control the message. Democrat are saying that they have to tax and spend more because the tax cuts of our recent past got us into our current situation.

What are the Republicans saying? Republicans are pitching the fact that their plan of tax cuts will create more jobs. This is true but it is not the argument.

I have written before that the Republicans missed the “jobs” message during the 2008 election cycle, however, when the subject isn’t jobs then my advice would be to make an appropriate response to the subject.

To win an argument you have to attack the problem, not deflect the problem to another subject. That tactic makes you look like you don’t understand the real issue at hand. The real issue to approximately 1/2 the country is that (you guessed it) “tax cuts have caused our current economic meltdown!” If that is the real issue to 1/2 of the country then don’t you think you ought to have a response to that issue?

“Jobs” is not the answer to a response of what “caused” our problem in the first place?

Come on folks get your head out of the sand.

The problem with the phrase “…tax cuts have caused our current economic meltdown…,” is that it is not true. Tax cuts didn’t cause the problem! The problem was caused by crooked bankers, shortsighted CEOs, blind rating agencies, and severely unqualified borrowers who were all in cahoots together.

What caused our current problem is that bankers lent money to people who couldn’t repay the loans. Then those same bankers packaged those loans into financial instruments that the rating agencies loved which allowed the instruments to be sold to CEO’s who were looking to make a quick buck.

By now we all know what happened. There should be no need to discuss the past. However, when the Democrats are allowed to re-write our current history by substituting “tax cuts” for “crooked bankers” then the Republicans should be shouting that message down.

The only people I hear making any type of argument against this revisionist history is – well I don’t actually hear anyone making the argument but me!

Republicans lost control of the Executive and Legislative branches of government for a variety of reasons, I will let the historian’s debate which reasons caused the most damage and led to the Republican demise. The first step to recovery is ensuring that they have the right coherent response to the current subject.

I have mentioned it before; the Republican leadership needs to take control of the message. We need every Republican that has face-time or pen-time in front of the local and national media to squash the revisionist statement of “…tax cuts have caused our current economic meltdown…”

If we don’t take care of the revisionist statement soon it will become a true fact. It will become a fact that tax cuts and not crooked bankers have caused our current economic problems.

If we lose this message then we get to spend the 2010 election cycle trying to re-write the already re-written current events. I would like to spend 2010 campaigning on the issues rather than redefining the issues.

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