“I’m open to resolving the financial crisis…”

Posted by David A. Peterson on 27. January 2009 in Message |

Sometimes it is hard to get motivated. There are so many topics to write about that it all just runs together, and then BAM, Nancy Pelosi opens her mouth. She said on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos “I’m open to resolving the financial crisis in our country.”

The Democratic Party is showing their hand with our new $825,000,000,000 stimulus package. The package is supposed to create jobs yet it is loaded down with hundreds of millions of dollars for contraceptives and other social program. Also only 75% of the entire stimulus money could possibly be spent within 1 ½ years – not too stimulating.

The Democratic Party is falling into the same trap that FDR did seven decades ago. FDR concentrated on economic stimulus built around social engineering. The result was it took 10 years and a world war to get employment back to pre-crash numbers.

FDR was a very popular president. He did a lot of good with unemployment insurance, SEC regulations, the introduction of the FDIC, and his work on relief programs helped the people that were truely in need. But his focus on business and specifically corporations in general was counter productive.

You would think that hindsight would have taught the Democratic Party something. The lesson should have been treat social issues separate from the economic issues. Had they done that 70 years ago the Depression may not have been so deep and so long. Today if they ignore that lesson they could drive us into a Depression.

Nancy Pelosi isn’t just a gal, she is the leader of the House of Representatives. She is the gal in charge. So when she says that “I’m open to resolving the financial crisis in our country” we all need to ask her “What would make you close your mind to resolving the financial crisis in our county.”

I’m okay with her having her own views. I may not like many of her opinions and decisions that are eventually saddled on all of us but, as Barrack Obama said the other day “I won.” He is right; he and his Democratic Party did win. Conservatives lost, which means that all of us are stuck with what ever starts flowing down the hill. In two years conservatives will have another crack at it but right now we are in a minority with our best hope of just slowing the flow.

Republican’s and Blue Blooded Democrats in Congress need to help shape the debate. The first place to start is to break all social engineering projects away from the economic issues. Both are tied only lightly together in the short run which is what our “stimulus package” is supposed to cure, our short run problems.

I agree that social engineering projects have a great effect on the economy in the long run. These projects need to be debated. They need to have full disclosure from all sides. But to make a hasty decision on $825,000,000,000 that can’t even be completely spent within 18 months is a bit foolish.

Madam Speaker please do the right thing. Use your hindsight and learn from the lessons of the past. What you do affects everyone over the long haul. The social projects may be the way to go – let’s debate them. But please, right now you need to focus on today’s economy, not next year’s pregnancy rate to stimulate the economy.

It just looks like the Speaker is not really “open” to fixing our problems. Currently she is looking past our current economic problems and is choosing to fix the perceived social problems instead. If she just broke the two issues apart from one another, and gave each it’s due, she might go down as solid Speaker of the House instead of a partisan without a clue.

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