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Posted by David A. Peterson on 10. November 2008 in Message |

If the Republican Party got anything really wrong in this past election cycle it was the message. Jut about every news cast that I have looked at and every article that I have read since John McCain wrapped up the Republican primary dealt with the message of the Republican Party?  The message was a mess!


Since the leaders of the GOP had such a tough time getting a coherent message out the Democratic Party did it for them. Who hasn’t heard this a thousand times this fall “John McCain will just continue George Bushes failed policies of the past 8 years.” I’m not quoting anyone specifically here since we all know that to a person every Democratic commentator, candidate, and probably even their children recited that message. What an awesome straight forward message. Weather you believe the Democratic message or not you at least knew what it was.


Here we are almost one full week since the 2008 election was held and what do I read in the editorial section of yesterdays Atlanta Journal – Constitution (November 9, 2008)? One of the GOP leaders John Boehner, the congressman from the 8th district of Ohio is commenting on how the “GOP must recommit to its principles.” 


The problem with recommitting to the GOP principles is the message – how do those principles help people get a job? As an example Boehner says “while Republicans have put forward a plan for economic growth and job creation….,” What exactly was that jobs plan, lower taxes on businesses to stimulate growth? I would guess that 95% of Americans don’t understand how that helps them as individuals. Wouldn’t it be a better message to say “We need to lower employer federal payroll taxes on businesses so they can meet payrolls today and we can avoid additional layoffs?” 


Now President-elect Obama’s plan was clear from the beginning, give people a tax break so they could pay for necessities and stimulate jobs by feeding federal programs a finite amount of tax dollars. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you will need workers to expand the federal programs, be it building roads, fixing bridges, or even expanding the Federal Education Department.


Republican’s leaders like Boehner need to focus on WHY President-elect Obama’s plan is wrong for the United States, and why Republican plans are the correct path.  As an example expanding the government, like the Democrats want to do, by itself isn’t evil. Case in point – as the population of the United States increases you will certainly need more infrastructures and just about everything else.


If Republican’s want to criticize a Democratic program they need to be clearer about the pitfalls of government programs, they need to explain to their constituents why a plan is wrong. Here is a good example about job creation; there is only so much money in the tax coffers, President-elect Obama’s job creation programs will only be temporary. Once the “stimulus” has run its course, and the road is built or the bridge is fixed then the government cancels the remaining projects until funds can be raised. Everyone that was hired for the project has to find new jobs i.e. – layoffs. Now there is a message, “The Democratic party wants to hire you as a temp – just to fix one bridge in your town.”


Republicans need a clear message. Instead of attacking everything the other side is doing or listing everything that our side needs to do, how about concentrating on one issue at a time – like jobs. I don’t mean to pick on congressman Boehner, but that editorial he wrote is exactly why there are so few Republicans left standing this election cycle.

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